Kite skiing training confirmed!

Kite Skiing.jpg

We have confirmed a training program for kite skiing in Haugastøl, situated on the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau in central Norway. This area is recognized as Europe’s, if not the worlds, premier kite skiing destination and particularly suited for the conditions expected on polar icecap trips.

We will be carrying out two training periods to develop kite and cold weather camping skills this season and two in 2015 prior to the expedition. The format would be a mixture of kiting skills, initially using a lodge as a base and then develop cold weather camping skills remaining out on the ice. In time, mini expeditions will be used to combine the elements of kite travel and camping in an efficient and safe manner. These expeditions allow the guides to tailor equipment and routines according to the team’s needs. Developing individual roles and responsibilities will also emerge from these training trips, team cohesion being key to the safety and success of any polar endeavor.