Chloe’s lifesaving Donation

In 2008, Chloe from Scotland, who was then aged eight, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Following five rounds of chemotherapy treatment, her parents, Pauline and Craig, were told that she would need a blood stem cell donation. An international blood stem cell registry search was undertaken and a matching donor was found. Chloe received the blood stem cell donation in February 2009.

Then, five months afterwards, the doctors said that Chloe was in remission, Pauline said to Craig: “It feels like we have been given our daughter back.”

At the time of the donation, neither Chloe nor her parents, Pauline and Craig, knew who her lifesaving blood stem cell donor was. All they knew was that he was a man. They yearned to know. While Roland, the German man is his forties who was her tissue-type match and who had donated his blood stem cells to her, saving her life, also wondered who it was he had saved.

Not able to know of each others name and addresses for two years, Roland and Chloe and her family were only able to send each other anonymous notes through DMKS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei gGmbH – German Bone Marrow Donor Centre), Delete Blood Cancer UK’s sister charity, for two years after her treatment.

Then, after two years of anonymous contact, Chloe’s family were told that they could now get in touch with their donor. They were told his name and where he was from and that he would be happy to get to know the person who he had made the donation to. Chloe’s dad Craig then made contact with Roland through Facebook and there was thereafter regular contact between Roland and the Jarvis family.

Then, finally in February 2013, they all met at the launch of Delete Blood Cancer UK and Chloe was able to thank her donor for the first time in person. It was very emotional for Roland, Chloe and her family and there was an instant bond. As Craig said: “Even though we had only just met, it felt as if we’d known Roland for a lifetime”.

Of the meeting, Roland himself said: “When I met Chloe, I was overwhelmed by my feelings. I’d waited for that moment since the day of my donation. Now I feel like I have found a second family in the UK, and the Jarvis family have found one in Germany. We have a bond for life.” 

Kite skiing training confirmed!

Kite Skiing.jpg

We have confirmed a training program for kite skiing in Haugastøl, situated on the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau in central Norway. This area is recognized as Europe’s, if not the worlds, premier kite skiing destination and particularly suited for the conditions expected on polar icecap trips.

We will be carrying out two training periods to develop kite and cold weather camping skills this season and two in 2015 prior to the expedition. The format would be a mixture of kiting skills, initially using a lodge as a base and then develop cold weather camping skills remaining out on the ice. In time, mini expeditions will be used to combine the elements of kite travel and camping in an efficient and safe manner. These expeditions allow the guides to tailor equipment and routines according to the team’s needs. Developing individual roles and responsibilities will also emerge from these training trips, team cohesion being key to the safety and success of any polar endeavor.